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AppAssembly is a low-code, rapid development platform to help you create and run dynamic web applications.

Interactive, Real-time Development

AppAssembly connects you directly with your code and gives you immediate feedback, so you can experiment and develop at the speed of thought. It's a dynamic, general-purpose programming language with functional and declarative paradigms.

Powered by WebAssembly

WebAssembly is a binary instruction format for code that enables high performance applications in browsers and on servers. AppAssembly provides a responsive, interpreted development environment in the browser and then compiles the code down to an efficient WebAssembly format for serving backend requests. WebAssembly on the server enables fast startup, quick response times and sandboxed code execution with request-level isolation.

Serverless Runtime

Deploy and run your application online without needing to manage any server infrastructure. AppAssembly's runtime creates transient, stateless instances to handle individual requests. These lightweight instances can spin-up on demand, scale out horizontally across a cluster of servers and return to zero when idle. The runtime handles routing, database connection pooling and resource management without the cold-start overhead of container startup or connection establishment.